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English Setters running uphill on a rocky terrain during a hunt

FUELED: A Sporting Dog Podcast

FUELED - A Sporting Dog Podcast

FUELED is a podcast presented by Eukanuba™ and hosted by Dr. Joe Spoo. The episodes focus on the hot topics impacting performance dogs. Host Dr. Joe Spoo is a veterinarian, Diplomate of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and is one of a small handful of specialists in the country who has committed his career to sporting dog health and expanding field knowledge of these amazing athletes.

**Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The opinions expressed are personal in nature and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of our corporate sponsors or affiliates. Our guests are invited to share their opinions as recognized experts in their field and not as representatives of their respective employers. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this podcast.
Gun Dog Doc Dr. Joe Spoo with his English-setters

Latest Episode 16  |  April 02, 2021

Dr. Joe Spoo Interviews Dr. Jan Van Dyke on Canine Rehabilitation

On this episode Dr. Spoo interviews Dr. Jan Van Dyke, a pioneer in the field of canine rehabilitation and sports medicine.