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Episode 15  |  February 03, 2021

Interview with Russ Kelley on Eukanuba's™ Premium Performance Formulas

On this episode Dr. Spoo interviews Russ Kelley, the Scientific Services Nutritionist for Royal Canin and Eukanuba to discuss Eukanuba's™ Premium Performance formulas.

On this episode of Fueled we sit back down with one of my favorite guests, Russ Kelley, the Scientific Services Nutritionist for Royal Canin™ and Eukanuba™. Russ has been a part of the Eukanuba™ brand going back to 1997 when he joined the team and worked on important advancements in nutrition related to maternal and puppy nutrition. In this episode we discuss the launch of Eukanuba's™ performance formulas.

Dr. Spoo and Russ Kelley talk about how these formulas are the culmination of decades of research into canine performance nutrition. These performance formulas will rewrite the book on nutrition as we move away from thinking of performance formulas simply as 30/20 formulas and more so designed to meet the needs of the performance work you are doing with your dog.

The first episode of Fueled with Russ was Episode #3 and is a great one covering a lot of information about overall performance dog nutrition.

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