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Episode 4  |  February 04, 2020

Interview with AJ DeRosa

Dr. Spoo talks with AJ DeRosa, the man behind the wildly popular Project Upland platform.

On this episode of Fueled Dr. Spoo sits down to talk with AJ DeRosa, the man behind the wildly popular Project Upland platform ( Project Upland is under the umbrella of Northwoods Collective an outdoor creative agency dedicated to rebranding and rediscovering the outdoors and includes the waterfowl platform Endless Migration (

A lot of ground is covered in this episode including A.J.’s early days, and progression as a hunter, as well as the transition from managing nightclubs to launching Project Upland.

The impetus for the interview was the Hunt Rising publication that looks at major issues confronting the future of hunting. They take a look at the decline of hunting, reaching out to new hunters and discuss some of the key points of the R3 movement which looks to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters. If you stick around through the entire interview they will touch on some taboo topics like climate change and public access but rest assured the interview ends on a high note with a look at how dogs impact bringing new hunters to the fold.

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