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Episode 5  |  March 23, 2020

Interview with Josh Miller

Dr. Spoo talks with Josh Miller of River Stone Kennels in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

In this episode of Fueled we catch up with Josh Miller of River Stone Kennels in New Richmond, Wisconsin. We begin the episode talking about Josh’s beginnings in the hunting dog world and how an injury and a dog changed his life path. We delve into how he developed his training philosophies from multiple mentors and how that has allowed him to train the individual dog rather than hoping every dog fits into a prescribed rigid program.

Josh is a duck hunter at heart and we delve into how he’s maintained that love for chasing wild birds and continues to do so for an enviable number of days each fall.

He is also unique in the retriever world as not many can claim to have also successfully campaigned horseback pointing dogs. His vast experience, and success, across multiple venues, has earned him the level of respect often reserved for much more seasoned veterans in the field.

His training accolades would be enough for most people to accomplish over the course of a career, but in addition to training dogs, along with his wife Whitney, Josh is producing some of the best British Labs in the country and we explore how he got involved in that world and some of his breeding philosophies.

We end the podcast talking about what owners should be doing when interviewing perspective breeders as well as some key points about what you should be doing, and what you should avoid, during the first couple of months when you get your new puppy home.

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