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Episode 6  |  April 13, 2020

Interview with Dr. Matt Eberts

Dr. Spoo talks with Dr. Matt Eberts, a leading expert in tick-borne diseases.

Dr. Matt Eberts, a leading expert in tick-borne diseases, joins Dr. Spoo on this episode of Fueled. Dr. Eberts was personally affected by a tick-borne illness early in his career, this sparked an in-depth interest in expanding our knowledge of these diseases in dogs. He has been instrumental in the development of diagnostic tests in this arena and influential in developing programs to lower disease incident. In addition to the diseases themselves they tackle prevention and what you need to know, whether you live in tick country, or only travel there occasionally to hunt. They also take a look at what the future holds for areas of the country that do not currently have tick-borne diseases but that have the ticks that could carry those diseases.

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