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Episode 7  |  May 22, 2020

Interview with Bob Owens

Dr. Spoo talks with Bob Owens of Lone Duck Outfitters and Kennels.

In this episode of Fueled we have a chat with Bob Owens of Lone Duck Outfitters and Kennels. Bob is a professional retriever trainer that also chases grouse and woodcock behind a setter. He’s someone in the dog world that still has a love for hunting and uses these dogs for more than just the dog games. He’s a knowledgeable dog trainer and brings an interesting set of skills to the table. We get into his history and the background of the Lone Duck brand and then talk about some of his pet peeves that owners do with puppies and how to avoid some of those problems. Bob gives a lot of good information in this episode and will definitely be back on a future episode.

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