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Next-level Performance Fuel

For the last 50 years, we’ve been swayed by nothing but science. The Premium Performance line-up harnesses the power of evidence-based nutritional science to empower healthy, athletic dogs to perform at their best.

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Activity-based formulas built to help unleash maximum potential

The Nutrients Canine Athletes Need

Genetics and training are the foundation of performance. But to fully set performance in motion, dogs need nutrition designed for what they do.


Activity-based nutrient levels for energy that matches their effort


Antioxidant Cocktails designed to promote post-exercise recovery

 healthy mind

DHA & antioxidants for healthy brain function


GI technology to support optimal nutrient delivery

 muscle support

Rich in protein to help build and maintain muscle

 Agile Joints

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with EPA for agile, active joints

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You have only one chance to support a puppy's development. Providing nutrition with comprehensive benefits from the start helps unleash the potential of active sporting breed puppies. That's why we've expanded the Premium Performance Range to help give your active puppy an advantage with NEW Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro, our best puppy nutrition yet. Fuel growth and activity, support digestive health and promote trainability.

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Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT Formula

“I’ve fed probably 20 diets in my 30 years of training and I promise you, I wouldn’t feed anything else.”

Chris Akin, Webb Footed Kennels, Professional Trainer & Record for the most Grand Champions trained

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 26/16 EXERCISE Formula

"Not only are the dogs maintaining their weight even though the work load is increasing, we’re able to feed less food. So it truly is a nutritional value."

Todd Agnew, Craney Hill Kennel

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT Formula

"Since Brock has been on the 30/20 SPORT…he has smashed about every test he has ran in this year, and there has been a little different composure with him. It’s a little more razor-focused."

Josh Miller, River Stone Kennels

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT Formula

"This is definitely the highest quality dog food my dogs have been on. They're in probably the best shape of their life right now."

Carson Wentz, Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles & Avid Outdoorsman