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Team Eukanuba is a collection of some of the brightest minds, the most trusted experts, and the rising stars from all parts of the sporting dog world. Research scientists, biologists, veterinarians, handlers, trainers, field trialers, and guides come together around a single passion: helping promote canine health and performance through nutrition.

To get the most out of your sporting dog, check back often. You’ll find regularly updated blogs, articles, videos and podcast episodes covering the important topics you care most about: sporting dog health, nutrition, training, and performance.


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Todd has been training field bred English springer spaniels and...

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Akin has trained more than 3,800 dogs leading his training program to evolve into one of the...

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Mossy Pond Retrievers was developed in 2003 by Georgia native, Brad Arington, with...

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From the very beginning, dogs have played a prominent role in Al Arthur’s life. As an adult...

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Michael founded Valley Way Kennels out of the desire to provide a one stop...

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JC and Jonna Bosch own and operate the Kansas-based No Limits Kennel...

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Hannah continues the bird dog and retriever training established by her...

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Jeremy is a third-generation dog trainer, now breeding, training and competing...

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Double TT British Kennels specializes in the breeding and training of field-bred British Labradors....

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For Mark working with dogs is his calling. His goal is to enhance and grow the human canine relationship....

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Scott breeds, raises and trains Labrador retrievers from his Ohio-based kennel...

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Ryan has been training dogs full time for 14 years. He focuses on gun dog training...

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Josh Miller is owner and operator of River Stone Kennels in New Richmond, WI. After his...

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Jared Moss, owner and head trainer of BEST GUN DOGS, brings 22 years experience of...

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Since the 1980s, Todd and Benita Otterness have been focused on the breeding...

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Bob Owens is the President and Head Trainer at Lone Duck Kennels, a retriever training...

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Matt Peel is the owner of Goose Creek Outfitters & Retrievers based in historical...

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Ethan and Kat Pippitt’s Standing Stone Kennel is a breeder and trainer of German...

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Barton Ramsey, a native of Mississippi, is the owner and founder of Southern Oak...

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As an owner/operator, Kyle breeds and trains all types of sporting dogs with a focus...


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Dr. Cline has more than 20 years of experience in the pet food industry and a keen interest...

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Russ is the Science Lead / Service and Working Dog Research Manager at the PHNC...

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Dr. McCauley is a veterinarian by vocation, an entrepreneur in spirit and a lifelong outdoorsman...

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Dr. Spoo’s passion is the canine athlete and he believes in a cradle-to-grave approach...