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Matt Peel
Goose Creek Outfitters & Retrievers

Matt Peel is the owner of Goose Creek Outfitters & Retrievers based in historical Cambridge, MD. Being raised in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay Matt grew up chasing diver ducks with his grandfather, Reg, and his lab Sheena. These hunts ultimately started his passion for not only duck hunting but having a well trained hunting retriever. Matt started training his own dogs in his late teens learning through trial and error as he went. Gradually he started training hunting dogs for family and friends, taking on new clients through word of mouth. Soon he found enough demand to take on training as a full time career. He currently offers an early exposure program for puppies, gun dog and hunt test training through both AKC and UKC test circuits. One of Matt’s biggest accomplishment of late would be acquiring the HRCH & MH titles on his lab, Boomer, at 24 months of age. His plans for the future include expanding his gun dog training program and putting a better quality of gun dog in the hands of local hunters. When he’s not training dogs you can find him still chasing divers on the bay or hunting Sika stags in the marsh with his fiancé, Karlee.

Matt Peel with his string of Labs at a hunt test