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Eukanuba's™ commitment to sporting dogs

Quit isn’t a word in the Eukanuba™ vocabulary. Paul Iams successfully sold pet food during the Great Depression which wasn’t an easy feat. He founded the company on hard work, drive, performance, research, and quality. It’s no surprise that he focused on sporting dogs.

When it comes to the dog world, sporting dogs are the tip of the spear. They train daily, perform in the field seasonally, run field trials regularly, and are motivated to excel always. All Eukanuba™ dog foods are made from high-quality animal protein to help build lean muscle. DHA is added to support healthy brain function. A customized blend of carbohydrates supplies powerful, long-lasting energy. Each nutrient we include helps fuel a dog’s body, mind or energy. And the specific combination of nutrients in each Eukanuba™ formula is scientifically optimized for dogs with different activity levels, ages and sizes.

Cutting-edge research by some of the brightest scientific minds is conducted daily in our state-of-the-art Pet Health and Nutrition Center. Dog food trends come and go, but for half a century, Eukanuba™ has focused on next level quality driven by science. Add in relationships with top trainers, breeders and industry partners, and the extraordinary potential inside every dog is unleashed. At Eukanuba™, we put your dog’s health and performance first.