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A black Lab retrieves a bumper from a pond during a training drill

Sporting Dog Training

Pro training tips to help bring out the best in your sporting dog

The Importance of a Training Foundation

Training a sporting dog is like building a house. First comes the foundation, followed by the first floor, then the second floor, then the roof. I use a progressive training system for two main reasons. The first is that I only give a dog more work when it’s ready. And second, I have a fallback position when a dog makes mistakes. The stronger the foundation, the better the dog. It’s just like with a house.

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Jared Moss of Best Gun Dogs trains a GSP in the Utah mountains

How Dogs Learn

Using a short, focused training session helps handlers bring out the most in their dogs. Differentiate training from conditioning, and you’ll have a dog that learns quickly and is in great shape come hunting season.

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Handler training a GSP with a checkcord

Making the Most of Your Dog's Pro Training

For most owners, the decision to send their dog to a pro trainer is a big deal, and rightly so. On the one hand, there is a lot of excitement about bringing a pup to new training levels. On the other hand, there is some anxiety in the separation.

Tracey Lieske cuts loose an English field cocker for a flush

Properly Command Your Sporting Dog

As a full-time guide and dog trainer, I feel that chatter and over-commanding are the biggest issues I see between clients and their dogs. For some reason, nonstop talking gives some handlers a sense that they’re in control of the dog.

Handler sends his black Lab on a preseason training drill

Last Minute Training Tips for Your Retriever

Dogs get just as excited as handlers, and we can’t blame them for being a little rusty. Here are some last-minute training tactics handlers can utilize to make sure that the season opener is successful.