Eukanuba™ Scientifically Formulated Dog Food for Sporting Dogs

Sporting dogs are driven. These athletes train hard and work harder. The bond they share with their owners and handlers is as intense as their points and retrieves. These levels of performance require premium food with balanced nutrition that helps bring out the best in your partner.

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 contains 30% protein to help build strong lean muscles and fortify skin and coat. It also contains 20% fat to provide more sustained energy. It's scientifically formulated with optimal levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help maintain agile joints and lean muscles. Help your dog reach and maintain peak performance throughout the day… and the next.


Eukanuba Puppy Dog Food


Puppies have different nutritional needs to help them grow and explore their new world. Eukanuba™ Puppy provides complete and balanced nutrition to give puppies a head start. The formulas include a natural fiber and prebiotic blend to support gentle digestion. Scientifically formulated with high quality animal proteins and optimal calcium and phosphorus levels to support muscle and bone development. Each Eukanuba™ puppy formula includes clinically proven levels of DHA for smarter more trainable puppies.

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Eukanuba Adult Dog Food


A sporting dog’s nutritional needs change throughout the year. With its 23% protein and 13% fat blend, Eukanuba™ Large Breed Adult can be fed year round or used as an off-season maintenance diet. This scientifically-formulated premium dog food contains high-quality animal proteins and essential vitamins and minerals to help build lean muscles. To support joint health, Eukanuba™ Large Breed contains 50%* more glucosamine (*compared to Eukanuba Medium breed). Eukanuba Large Breed Adult contains complete and balanced nutrition for dogs 15 months and older that are at least 55 pounds.

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Eukanuba Senior Dog Food


Senior dogs have different nutritional needs when compared to their younger counterparts. Eukanuba™ Senior dog food is designed for dogs 7 years and over. Eukanuba™ Senior contains 50%* more glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support joints and mobility (*Eukanuba™ Senior Small Breed compared with Adult Small Breed). Each formula also includes DHA with vitamin E to support healthy brain function as dogs age. Scientifically formulated with optimal levels of protein and fat along with guaranteed antioxidant levels support your dog’s natural defenses.

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