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Doctor Ira Mccauley with his black Lab

Dr. Ira McCauley
McCauley Animal Clinic and New Melle Animal Hospital

Ira McCauley is a veterinarian by vocation and an entrepreneur in spirit. After graduating from the University of Missouri in 1995 with a Doctor of Veterinary medicine, Ira started to practice and also started hobbies that would eventually grow into significant business ventures of their own over time.

A brief summary of Ira’s ventures:

  • McCauley Animal Clinic and New Melle Animal Hospital: are veterinary clinics in St. Charles, MO
  • MOmarsh, Inc.: started off as a niche boat fabrication company. It became an industry leader by developing a new category in the marketplace for novel and patented products that allow for waterfowlers and their dogs to be comfortable, mobile and concealed.
  • Habitat Flats: is an outfitting company that has locations in Saskatchewan, CA/ Sumner, MO/ Miami, MO/ Augusta, AR. Often referred to as the #1 waterfowl lodge in North America for good reason!

Ira’s heart, passion and day to day job will always be as a veterinarian at his clinics, but variety is the spice of life! A lifelong outdoorsman, McCauley has always had a close connection and special place in his heart for the outdoors and retrievers. The McCauley’s also have 2 dogs. Cash is a Labrador retriever and a pleasure to be with at home and in the field. Trixie is a border collie/golden that has the drive but is better left back at camp.