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Russ Kelley from the Eukanuba Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Russ Kelley, M.S.
Eukanuba™ & Royal Canin Pet Health & Nutrition Center

Russ is an alumnus of Auburn University, Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences. Russ joined The Iams Company in 1997 as a member of the Strategic Research Group (Discovery) where he led efforts in Maternal and Neonatal Nutrition with an emphasis on fatty acid metabolism. He also led efforts in the Service and Working Dog arenas and developed multiple collaborative Research Alliances with external organizations. Later he also led Gastrointestinal Health efforts with emphasis on Puppy and Stress Models.

Upon retiring from The Iams Company, Russ founded Kelley Canine Consulting where he served numerous organizations around the globe on Colony Management, Facility Design, Nutritional Management, and Breeder Selection Criteria. Russ returned to the industry in 2016, joining Royal Canin as Science Lead / Service and Working Dog Research Manager. Russ is based in Lewisburg, Ohio where he is a member of the PHNC Leadership Team and is a member of the Discover Team in Aimargues, France.