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Sporting Dog Health & Nutrition

Helpful Info for Understanding a Sporting Dog's Unique Needs

Pointer sitting patiently in front of dog food bowl

how to feed your sporting dog

Feeding your sporting dog isn’t difficult, but it should involve more than just filling up a bowl. There are several factors to consider particularly for dogs who run harder, longer.

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How Much Water Should Your Sporting Dog Drink?

Most sporting dog owners and handlers know how to calculate daily amounts of food, but is there a way to determine how much water your dog should drink? According to Eukanuba’s Pet Health and Nutrition Center’s Director Dr. Jill Cline, there is.

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Hunter hydrating his shorthair pointer during a break
Josh Miller pulls a British Lab from a dog trailer

Tips for Traveling with Sporting Dogs

As you are planning your next out-of-state hunt and creating a checklist of all the things you’ll need, don’t forget about the needs of your dog. There’s more to traveling with a dog than bringing food and water.

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