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Man and Woman bonding with a British Lab in a layout blind

Team Eukanuba™

Pro Trainers, Vets, Research Scientists, Field Staff, Ambassadors & Partners

Team Eukanuba™ brings together innovative minds, trusted experts, and rising stars from all parts of the sporting dog world. Pro Trainers, Vets, Research Scientists, Field Staff, Ambassadors & Partners come together around a single passion: helping promote canine health and performance through nutrition.


Chris Akin with his yellow Lab sitting on a tailgate

Chris Akin

Webb Footed Kennel

Brad Arington with black Lab and Eukanuba Premium Performance 30-20 Sport

Brad Arington

Mossy Pond Retrievers

Two time National Open Retriever Championship trainer Al Arthur

Al Arthur

Sandhill Retrievers

JC Bosch with his GSP

JC Bosch

No Limit Kennels

Hannah Criscoe of Whistling Wings Kennel with her Boykin spaniel

Hannah Criscoe

Whistling Wings Kennels

Jeremy Criscoe training his UK Labs

Jeremy Criscoe

Whistling Wings Kennels

Mark Fulmer with English setter

Mark Fulmer

Sarahsetter Kennels

Scott Kuchenbecker with his black Lab after a shed hunt

Scott Kuchenbecker

RPM Retrievers

Ryan Middaugh with his Labs following a ribbon winning hunt test

Ryan Middaugh

East Texas Elite Kennels

Josh and Whitney Miller of River Stone Kennels

Josh Miller

River Stone Kennels

Jared Moss taking a break from training with his GSP

Jared Moss

Best Gun Dogs

Todd and Benita Otterness of Thunderstruck Retrievers with their golden retriever and a blue ribbon

Todd and Benita Otterness

Thunderstruck Retrievers

Ethan and Kat Pippitt of Standing Stone Kennels with their 2 German shorthair pointers

Ethan and Kat Pippitt

Standing Stone Kennels

Barton Ramsey training a yellow Lab

Barton Ramsey

Southern Oak Kennels

Kyle Sculley of River Bottom Retrievers with his black Lab

Kyle Sculley

River Bottom Retrievers


Dr. Jill Cline bonding with her Brittany spaniel

Dr. Jill Cline

Eukanuba / Royal Canin Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Russ Kelley from the Eukanuba Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Russ Kelley, M.S.

Eukanuba / Royal Canin Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Doctor Ira McCauley with his black Lab

Dr. Ira McCauley

McCauley Animal Clinic and New Melle Animal Hospital

Gun Dog Doc Dr. Joe Spoo with his English Setters

Dr. Joe Spoo

Gun Dog Doc

Field Staff & Ambassadors

Chad Belding of The Fowl Life trains his Labrador retrievers

Chad Belding
The Fowl Life

Damon Bungard with his wirehaired dachshund used for tracking

Damon Bungard

Christian Dubois hunting with his black Lab

Christian Dubois

Cara Harper of the Super Retriever Series Field Trials with yellow Lab

Cara Harper
Cara Harper Outdoors

Thomas Harvey walking through a field during an upland hunt

Thomas Harvey

Brandon James duck hunting with his yellow Lab

Brandon James

Ricky Keller working his black Lab in a field

Ricky Keller

Derek Prestholt with his GSP

Derek Prestholt

Durrell Smith holding a GSP puppy

Durrell Smith
The Gun Dog Notebook


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